Our Weddings

Providing the most unique look in wedding videos. The quality is a cinematic highlight reel shown above, along with Blu-Ray & DVDs + USB Flash Drives.

*We love to travel out of the Houston Area, so please give us an email! hire us today! 



Required Non-Refundable Deposit:

Please understand this locks in your Wedding date. The sooner the better, someone else may try to grab it! 

8 Hours of Coverage
1 1/2 Hour Before Ceremony
Cinematic Highlight Reel
1 DVD & 1 Blu-Ray + USB Drive of Files 

10+ Hours of Coverage
2 1/2 Hour Before Ceremony
Cinematic Highlight Reel
2 DVD & 2 Blu-Ray + USB Drive of Files

2 Primary Videographers are for each package.

*Traveling Fee required if out of Houston. 

Custom Packages are available  Please email us. 


Contract & Wedding/Commercials 

Q: Do you use Drone shots in your videos? Do we have to request it? 
A: Believe it or not some clients do not like Drone shots, we let each client know we love to use and film drone shots when we can :) Our Drone Operators are all registered. 

Q: Can I use copyrighted music in my wedding video? 
A: We use only licensed music, the fee of licensed music is included in the total cost. The company's we use to license are: SongFreedom.com | Musicbed.com | Premium Beat |

Q: Do I have to pay up front for securing "Kandu Films" for our wedding? 
A: Yes we do require a deposit in order to lock us in that date. We then require full payment upon 30 days before the ceremony. 

Q: Do we pay you up front for the Commercial/Interview? 
A: Yes all commercials, interviews, behind the scenes, are required to be paid up front and in full. 

Q: If I did not sign the contract will you still come to the venue/location?
A: No we will not come without a signed contract and Deposit and with full payment. 

Q: Are we able to get the RAW footage of the entire wedding? And How much does that cost. 
A: Yes, we do provide RAW footage in our wedding packages the additional RAW footage costs $450. RAW footage is usually recorded in either 4K or 1080P High Definition. The storage is usually 100+ gigs of Raw. We Provide you with a secondary (128+) flash drive. 

Q: How long will it take until we receive our Highlight Video? 
A: Highlight videos are usually the first thing we work on. We quote usually 5-6 weeks maximum. 

Q: How long until our DVD's are mailed?
A: DVD's take a longer time to package and process as we are editing the >Highlight Video>Ceremony>Reception then we custom package the design layout and print all the materials we need. This usually takes 12 Weeks if not sooner. Reason why is editing takes the longest and we want it just right!


We loved it!! 

My daughter Renee is the first video on the website. We are so happy with the video!! James worked hard and the results are amazing!! I would recommend him for your wedding! Loved every minute of it!!

— Tammie (The Knot.com)

Quality Served! 

“When we hired James and his team, they really new exactly what they were doing and how to execute it. We loved our product so much we are going to continue our business with this company”

— Jasdeep

Amazed! .

“I'm not really into video at all, but all I can say is when James and his team came, they definable captured great moments, I wanted a behind the scenes video of my photography work and James made it really beautiful and creative”

— Nico